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Sugandh began in 2016, started much before in our Founder’s Head and Heart. She then brought in a team of people to get to you the best of Indian Culture with presence of Art and Comfort. That we call the World Of Sugandh. We are here to spread the Fragrance of Indian Cloth in a manner that you wear it and feel what it is like. What it is like to be a part of India and What it is like to wear hand woven cloth with designs that are Contemporary.

Under World of Sugandh, we are representing Indian ethnic cloth under three main labels giving different touch to the designs depicting the culture and ethnicity along with Indian Heritage and Modern Hues.

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Monday - Friday: 09:00 - 18:30 1/B, MD House, Opp Dominoes, Bhavnagar, GUJ-INDIA +919638442222 WorldofSugandh@gmail.com


Our Team

WOS Team

Welcome to our #MeetTheTeam . The magic behind #WorldofSugandh.

There’s so much evolved – the education, the tech, the promo, the marketing, the curation, the shop, the finances, the admin, the staffing, the, the , the, the… Working as a team with empathy, love and trust is our core value. Each team member brings their unique perfections and imperfections. Together we give birth to creativity and beauty. There is no I in TEAM.
Let’s meet the faces that make it happen.


Sugandh Gupta

( CEO & Creative Director )

With a true entrepreneurial spirit and a serious passion for sustainable fashion and female empowerment, Sugandh married these two pursuits when founding this brand. Through “abhi kuch missing hai” to “abhi kitni detailing baki hai”, she creates each design with the mission to instill confidence in women around the world of all groups. With her passion for designing, Sugandh capture the most unique elements of every outfit before it hits the market.


Nandini Parikh

( General manager )

Jack of all traits. Her infectious energy and postive attitude is sure to brighten your day or any day you meet her. She handles the whole team and keeps them inspired. She is no stranger to the craft of convincing everyone to come to a final decision; which always goes right. Taking pride of making products available in stores accross India and making WOS more accessible and fortunate for you.



( Logistics Head )

She is the backbone of our production unit and ensures speedy processing of all our online orders. Though she hates doing it, she completely excels in it. Always cheerful and laughs at the funny choices our customers make or demands.



( QC Head )

She is of great support for all the quality check that needs to be done and to achieve a time bound target. Also making quick fixes and repairs whereever needed. With a can-do attitude, she spreads positivity in the workplace, boosting up our energy towards our role.



( SMM & Graphic Designer )

What attracted Sejal towards Wos was the idea of sustainability in fashion for a better future. She loves graphic design because it can communicate without the need for words. When she isn’t producing designs at Wos, she’s probably busy playing with cats or practicing her Pilates fitness.


Vishal Bhai

( Master Tailor )

Hands behind our perfect WOS silhouettes. He is adept at stiching our garments and making all the garments looks delicate and delightful by adding intricate embroidery. Always believes and follows his own words by saying ‘ho jayega, tension not’. A kind soul and a talented karigar.


Bhavesh Bhai

( Tailor )

Though he doesn’t like kit-pits, he lays strong foundation for the garments by making perfect patterns and cutting the designs with finesse. Extremely passionate about making each piece with perfections.

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