About Us

Sugandh-a bespoke designer has a Western Aura rooted with Indian Culture. She believes to emit more fragrance through her label and create a new horizon. Sugandh has developed a unique style of its own, reflecting the ancient traditions of Indian culture. Her understanding of ethnic designs and the innovative use of traditional crafts have created a new impression. The label is built on patronage of craftspeople and inspires people to be more creative.

Sugandh is a carefully curated design platform that expresses her personal style and collective experience. With her expertise at the helm, she brings you the opportunity to enhance your wardrobe with a more cultural touch.

The word 'Sugandh' symbolizes the ethnicity, cultural roots and is proud to patron symbols of India's contemporary cultural energy. In this rapidly evolving culture, Sugandh is providing the finest of women’s wear that has a distinct personality of its own.

Sugandh is a designer for the young urban India. The look is sophisticated and carefully crafted. Sugandh is the only place where you can calm your inner soul for a cultural change. Dignify your life and Dive in the art of Ethnicity.