Sugandh Urbane Apparel

Sugandh brings with her the essence of contemporary India. She effortlessly makes ethnic wear modern but keeps the fragrance of pure fabrics. She blends Ikkats with flares, capes with kurtis, Shiboris with sheers and Arabic prints with boat necks!

Sugandh – A brand that Began in 2016, started much before in our Founder’s Head and Heart. She then brought in a team of people to get to you the best of Indian Culture with presence of Art and Comfort. That we call the World Of Sugandh. We are here to spread the Fragrance of Indian Cloth in a manner that you wear it and feel what it is like. What it is like to be a part of India and What it is like to wear hand woven cloth with designs that are Contemporary. 

Our designs reflect our culture, which makes the cloth and the design a perfect blend. We believe that details are things that help us make a difference. Our details are to an extent that every button used is wooden and Handpicked. As much as we love to hold on to our culture, our designs slip in to making them the most comfortable thing to dress up. 

As a Brand we take care of the Patronage of Craftsmen and encourage Creativity. At World Of Sugandh you get to enhance your Wardrobe with a Cultural Touch. The collections are Artsy yet Sophisticated and Crafted with utmost care. Each piece adds ease and Frisk to you daily.

So Let’s Dive In -Goodness-Creativity-India.


At Sugandh, We celeberate Indian Tradition, and would love to spread the fragrance of indian culture and traition to the world.


- We will empower the well run business to spread all over world with sustainable Growth in line with our vision.

- We will support our community of artisans, craftsmen, designers, womens and entrepreneurs inspired by india.

- We will create a world where tradtions, values and culture is given the utmost importance at every aspect of the life.

- We will give our customers products that delight them by interpreting our rich heritage and traditional knowledge, while protecting the natural environment.

Brand Ideology

As per our founder’s vision,  We believe to create a world, where culture, tradition is repected and given the special importance. The belief is about the great craft and architecture we inherit in india which needs to be spread all over the world. We at Sugandh, create every design which has a connection to our rich inheritance. from the start, our ideology focuses on the handmade and different handwoven loom fabric produced buy artisans and craftsman. We also support these craftsman through different innitiative by creating a sustainable environment where in they get good growth along with their values. And we too love spreading cultural vibes in our fabric. We blend indigenous craft techniques with contemporary designs to bring aesthetic and affordable products to today’s consumers.

At the back of the mind we wish to empower our craftsmanship of India and spread the power of the traditional fabric that usually isnt considered fashionable.

Not only through our clothing, but keeping in mind the brand ideology we have innitiated #worldofSugandh where we urge people to follow our tradition and develop and spread the feeling of our culture be it in form of social events or festivals or just doing good to the society.

At Sugandh, we too keep in mind all the social aspects and hence our production line has given more importance to the artisans and womens who give utmost value to our culture. Through our inniative #SugandhFamily We have tried to create a family of people who think alike along with our brand ideology.

Indian Culture and Fashion

Indian Culture is deep rooted not only in Indian Fashion Industry but all over the world. Indian garment has its unique esteem in every corner of the world. the art culture of indian ancient artist is still reflected in our thoughts as well as in our clothing. Be it Big Fat Indian wedding or a great summer vacation, our clothing reflects special prints and different types of embroidery work. In fact Indian culture is a blend of different culture that has made the vibrant Indian fashion industry recognised world over. 

Our clothing is a mix of Indian tradition with modern thoughts where one can get gowns, dresses, tops with Indian vibrant culture rooted within.

Importance of Traditional and Culture Aspects

As a humans, we are so deeply connected to our traditions that everything we do our culture holds tight to us. We decided to hold our culture back tightly and tell it that whatever we all our today is because of the promises made by our culture and its rich heritage.As a country, we are a people’s land, we love loving each other and thus the social acceptance is a huge part of our lives. As a brand of apparels we promise to make designs keeping in mind this acceptance. 

When we do that we bring in comfort and confidence in all our women. We are not trying to say that a woman needs to be told what to wear. She should wear whatever suits her personality and mindset and we will try to create exactly that for her. #BeYou. 

Also our attention towards sustainable fashion is immense. We truly understand that fashion contributes to being one of the largest reasons of waste. Hence use of materials that are pure and organic and do not affect the environment Is our first concerns. 

At the same time we are making our designs modern so that every lady that wears them feels as fresh as the fabric and stands fashionable.

Essence of the Brand

Our brands essence lies in 3 special segments:

* Fabric sourcing

* Designing and detailing

* Comfortable pieces that holds our tradition.

There is someone who holds the most essence of our brand.

i.e Our Customers. Their experience of our pieces is our reward.


Here is what some of our customers have to say about us.

“ Designs are classy and comfortable, i feel confident and free wearing Sugandh “ -  Amisha 

“ Beautiful styling, good quality fabric” - Ananya

“ Very different collection, gives fresh new vibes” - Dimple

About the Fabric

A dress can be made any alterations to, But the fabric of the dress never leaves. Which is why it is imperative for us to use the best. Every fabric used is pure and so is, Every thread used for handwork.

Sustainable fashion is one of the attempts to be eco-friendly and spread natural clothing which has a unique positives vibes for soul and body. Organic and natural fabric has its own which reflects the purity of the person wearing it. the natural fabric is light weight, unique comfort, eco-friendly guilt free approach and chemical free and other toxic dyes. Thus natural fabric is good for health and body.

Natural Fabrics we use 

* Cotton 

* Khadi

* Ikat 

* Silk 

 All dyed with different prints and techniques hamdmade with natural dyes.

Best from Waste #UpcycledProducts 

At Sugandh, we tend not to waste any fabric cutting, rather making small and beautiful products from all our production waste. We as a team have taken a pledge that we shall stop any wastage that can made into something useful. The product range of these “Upcycled products” are keychains, hair-bands, pouches, cloth bags, cuttlery sets etc. 

Thus adopting with #NoWastage policy, we have taken one more step towards our vision to go more organic and making something great in line with our tradition and culture.



Make In India Innitiative

This initiative is the base of our brand ideology and matters the most to us. 

We take care of it by doing and following these: 

* Every piece and everything used is made in India, start to end. 

* We focus on job creations for artisans and valuing what they do best. 

* Also skill creation is something that we largely support and encourage. 

* Our entire process involves people who are truly skilled In this industry but are not given their due importance and appreciation. 

* Women empowerment is not just a part of our ideology and designs, but of production too. 

* We make women participate in the embroidery process and encourage in getting them to do what they are good at.